Complete Guide About Wedding Photography Cost

Complete Guide About Wedding Photography Cost

Wedding photography involves capturing all the important moments and details of a couple’s wedding day through artistic photography. This includes getting ready shots, portraits of the couple, ceremony, reception.

Nowadays everyone wants to freeze their memories in the form of photography. This step cover all event sweet moments in the eye of camera and at any time they can see to refresh their feelings and memories.

The cost of wedding photography can vary greatly depending on several factors. Here are some typical ranges for wedding photography pricing in the United States:

1. Packages/Collections:

  1.    – Basic Package: $1,000 – $3,000
  2.    – Partial Day Coverage (4-6 hours): $1,500 – $4,000
  3.    – Full Day Coverage (8-10 hours): $2,500 – $6,000
  4.    – Premium/Luxury Package: $4,000 – $10,000+

2. Hourly Rates:

  •    – Beginner Photographers: $100 – $300 per hour
  •    – Experienced Photographers: $250 – $600 per hour
  •    – High-End/Renowned Photographers: $500 – $1,000+ per hour

3. Additional Costs:

  •    – Second Shooter: $300 – $800
  •    – Engagement Photo Session: $200 – $600
  •    – Wedding Album: $400 – $1,500+
  •    – Prints and Wall Art: Varies based on quantity and size

Factors that influence the cost include:

  1. – Photographer’s experience and reputation
  2. – Geographic location (prices tend to be higher in major metropolitan areas)
  3. – Number of hours of coverage needed
  4. – Number of photographers/assistants
  5. – Additional services (e.g., engagement sessions, albums, prints)
  6. – Travel expenses for destination weddings

Basic Package of wedding photography

For a basic wedding photography package, you can typically expect to pay between $1,000 to $3,000 in most areas of the United States.

Here’s a general breakdown of what might be included in a basic wedding photography package within that price range:

  • – Coverage time: 4-6 hours on the wedding day, usually starting 1-2 hours before the ceremony
  • – One photographer
  • – Edited digital images (300-800 images depending on coverage length)
  • – Online gallery for viewing and downloading images
  • – Print release to print images on your own

These Details May Vary On Photographer’s Experience and Given Facilities.

Wedding photography Partial Day Coverage

Some packages may also include:

  1. – Engagement photo session (or it may be an add-on for an additional fee)
  2. – Second photographer for a portion of the day (extra cost)
  3. – Wedding day highlights slideshow or album (often an add-on)

Things that are typically not included in a basic package:

  • – Physical albums or prints (these are usually added extras)
  • – Extensive hours of coverage (e.g. getting ready until late at night)
  • – Multiple photographers for the full duration
  • – Videography services

Remember that pricing can still vary based on the photographer’s experience, demand, location, and the specific services/products desired. It’s best to get custom quotes from 2-3 photographers in your area that fit your needs and budget.

Wedding Photography Full-Day Coverage

For full-day wedding photography coverage in the United States, you can generally expect to pay between $2,500 to $6,000.

Here’s a typical breakdown of what might be included in a full-day wedding photography package within this price range:

8-10 hours of continuous coverage, from getting ready until some point in the reception

– One lead professional photographer

– One-second photographer for part or all of the day (assists with different angles/perspectives)

– 500-1000+ fully edited digital images

– Online gallery for viewing, sharing, and downloading images

– Print release allowing you to print images yourself

Some photographers may also include additional items like:

– Engagement photo session

– Wedding day slideshow or highlight video

– Parent albums or basic wedding albums (may be an add-on cost)

– Travel fees for reasonable distances

Things not typically included in full-day packages:

– Extensive additional hourly coverage (getting ready until very late night)

– Multiple lead photographers for the full duration

– Elaborate premium album collections

– Videography services

Factors that can influence pricing:

– Photographer’s experience, style, reputation

– Studio vs. individual photographer

– Geographic location (higher in major cities)

– Day of the week (Saturdays are usually the most expensive)

– Time of year (peak season typically higher)

It’s advisable to research 3-5 photographers whose work you love and make decisions based on your needs and budget.

Premium/Luxury wedding photography package

Premium or luxury wedding photography packages are typically the highest-tier offerings from top photographers and studios. These packages can range from $4,000 to over $10,000 in the United States.

Here are some of the common inclusions in a premium/luxury wedding photography package:


– 8-12+ hours of continuous coverage

– 2-3 lead photographers

– Additional assistant photographers/videographers

– Engagement photo session

– Additional event coverage (e.g., rehearsal dinner)


– 800-1200+ fully edited high-resolution images

– Professional photo editing and retouching

– Premium albums (10×10 or larger, 50-100+ pages)

– Hardcover photo books for parents/families

– Professional wedding day highlight video/cinematography


– Lead photographer with significant experience/reputation

– Style team for hair/makeup services

Additional Services:

– Private online gallery and printing rights

– In-person consultation and planning meetings

– Custom website or digital albums

– Professional photo booth services

– Travel fees for destination weddings

Luxury packages may also include perks like premium products (cameras/lenses used), expedited editing timelines, or unique experiential additions tailored to the couple’s interests.

The very highest end of luxury packages over $10,000 might have multiple photographers/videographers for the entire event, lavish album productions, international travel, and accommodations.

With premium packages, couples are paying for the experience, artistry, and dedication of elite photography/videography teams capturing every special moment of their wedding day.

Hourly Rates Of Photography

Hourly Rate Depends Upon The Experience And Skills Of Photographer

Beginner Photographer

For beginner photographers in the United States, typical hourly rates can range from $100 to $300 per hour.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

$100 – $150 per hour:

– Entry-level photographers just starting out

– Students or amateur photographers building their portfolio

– May lack extensive professional experience or training

– Basic package options with limited coverage hours

$150 – $250 per hour:  

– Photographers with some experience (2-5 years)

– May have received formal training or second-shot for experienced photographers

– Offer more comprehensive wedding packages

– Intermediate skill level in areas like lighting, posing, editing

$250 – $300 per hour:

– Photographers nearing the professional level (5+ years experience)

– Established portfolio and positive reviews

– Efficient workflow and post-production process

– More advanced shooting and editing techniques

Factors like geographic location, demand, and specific services offered can impact rates as well. Hourly rates tend to be higher in major metropolitan areas versus smaller cities or rural areas.

Many beginner photographers structure their pricing with packages rather than straight hourly rates to remain competitive with more established pros in their area.

Couples should review a photographer’s online presence, portfolio, and reviews before booking, as skill and experience levels can vary greatly among beginners. Getting practice shoots like engagements can help assess a good fit.

Experienced Photographer

For experienced photographers in the United States, typical hourly rates can range from $250 to $600 per hour.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

$250 – $350 per hour:

– Photographers with 5-10 years of professional experience

– Consistent portfolio and positive client reviews

– Efficient workflow and editing process

– May offer associate photographers or assistants

$350 – $500 per hour:

– Highly experienced photographers (10+ years)

– Established brand and reputation in their market

– Excellent technical skills (lighting, posing, etc.)

– Likely to have won awards or had work published

– May travel regionally for weddings

$500 – $600+ per hour:

– Elite photographers with extensive experience (15+ years)

– Nationally or internationally recognized for their work

– Distinct and refined creative style

– Exceptional album designs and finished products

– Travel costs may be included for any destination

Factors that can increase rates:

– Being based in a high-cost metropolitan area

– Offering videography services in addition to photography

– Providing premium albums/products

– Building a luxury client experience from start to finish

Experienced photographers at this level have invested significantly in their education, equipment, marketing, and client experience over many years. Their hourly rates reflect their talent, creative vision, and ability to deliver consistent, high-quality results under pressure.

High-End/Renowned Photographer

High-end and renowned photographers can command very premium hourly rates, typically ranging from $500 to over $1,000 per hour in the United States.

Here’s a breakdown of the higher end of the hourly rate spectrum:

$500 – $800 per hour:

– Highly acclaimed photographers with over 15-20 years of elite experience

– Nationally recognized with features in prestigious publications

– Distinct, refined artistic style that is in high demand

– Exceptional technical abilities and creative vision

– May have won major industry awards and accolades

– Likely to have a team of assistant photographers/videographers

$800 – $1,200+ per hour:

– Internationally renowned and celebrity photographers

– At the very highest level of their craft with a vast portfolio

– Pioneered unique styles or shooting techniques 

– Clients include high-profile individuals, brands, and publications

– Offer a true luxury experience from start to finish

– Travel and accommodation costs may be included

At these highest pricing tiers, photographers are paying for:

– Uncompromising quality and artistry

– Unparalleled client experience and white-glove service

– Exclusive availability and selective booking

– Having the photographer’s recognizable “name” attached to the event

In addition to the premium hourly rates, high-end photographers often require travel fees, day rates, and other contractual minimums. Their complete wedding photography investments can range from $15,000 to over $100,000 for the most elite photographers in high demand.

The investment reflects the incredibly limited availability, expertise, and exclusive nature of working with a true photography legend.


is wedding photography profitable?

Yes, A career in wedding photography in the USA can be very profitable, but only if you have your specific style and skills.

Is Photography a Good Carrier?

Yes, photography can be a very good career option for those with talent, creativity, and a strong entrepreneurial drive. 

how can the rules of composition apply to wedding photography?

The rules of composition are crucial in wedding photography to create visually stunning and impactful images.

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